About 1000 Landscapes

1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People (1000L) is a radical collaboration of change agents working together to accelerate landscape efforts to sustain and restore ecosystems, build rural prosperity and confront climate change.

1000L is convened by EcoAgriculture Partners, and co-led with Rainforest Alliance, Commonland, Conservation International, the United Nations Development Programme, Landscape Finance Lab, and Tech Matters. Another 20+ partners are sharing technical and financial expertise, and 12+ Landscape Partnerships are co-designing the initiative. Together, these organizations already engage with over 250 Landscape Partnerships worldwide and are positioned to provide a strategic bridge with international and national programs championing Landscape Partnerships.

Three women walking single file through tiered farm fields on the side of a hill. One has a baby on her back and the other two have baskets on their backs.

The challenge for people and planet: Generating solutions together

The sustainability of people and planet depends on a shared foundation of land and water resources. But currently, competing interests are stalling a coherent response to challenges of degradation, rising demand for natural resources and climate change. To be successful, we need to generate solutions together, moving towards the same goals, for food systems, climate action, water security, biodiversity conservation, rural livelihoods, energy, inclusive green economies and so much more.

Landscape Partnerships are a key solution. All across the world local leaders are forming multi-stakeholder Landscape Partnerships to take on pressing global challenges. Working together, they are far more likely to achieve their goals and shared vision for a sustainable future, reduce risks and increase returns on investments in landscapes.

While each landscape, seascape, watershed, territory or jurisdiction is unique, all Landscape Partnerships face common challenges. Collaborative action takes significant time and energy. Financial systems are not set up for coordinated landscape investments. Local efforts are often invisible or ignored in top-down policy and planning. To reach their fullest potential, Landscape Partnerships need support.

The 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative was created to provide the tools, finance and connections Landscape Partnerships need to thrive.

The 1000 Landscapes Coalition

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