What’s New in Terraso? December, 2022


Terraso is celebrating the holidays with big new features! What better way to end the year than with new developments?

Profile Updates

Terraso users are familiar with creating landscape profiles, but that experience has just gotten a whole lot more powerful. Thanks to feature updates, Terraso profiles now enable users to better represent the richness of their landscape and highlight their sustainable development goals by providing information on everything from ecosystems to local actors to objectives and development strategies. On top of that, Terraso is designing the profile features to allow for the sharing of information and to help get users started with other powerful tools like LandScale.

ILM Practical Guide

One of the goals of Terraso is to support users as they adopt the process of Integrated Landscape Management (ILM). The ILM process is a way of fostering long-term collaboration among multiple stakeholders based on building a shared vision, understanding, and strategy, even when stakeholders have different or competing priorities.

Our second new development this quarter goes a long way in helping users better understand and practice ILM. We are thrilled to announce the interactive ILM Practical Guide, which was created through the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative.  The guide is a comprehensive look at ILM and designed to introduce users to the various elements of the approach, breaking them down in easy to understand ways.  Along with clear descriptions of the different elements of ILM, the guide highlights the outputs needed to achieve ILM in the field and provides access to a collection of tools that will help users create those outputs. With this guide, Terraso users will have everything they need to begin practicing ILM with confidence.


  • Amaya Webster

    Amaya is a tech-for-good geek with more than a decade of experience. Prior to joining Tech Matters, Amaya worked at Benetech creating software-for-good as the project manager for their R&D initiative, and the community and marketing manager for their work on digital accessibility of STEM educational materials. Amaya believes that there is little more rewarding than doing work which creates positive, sustainable impact. With degrees in anthropology, biology, and art, a career in tech may not have been the obvious choice, but she has found that her eclectic background lends itself particularly well to the tech-for-good fieldÔÇöespecially when it comes to user-centric product design, research, and creative approaches to problem solving and strategy design.

What’s New in Terraso? December, 2022
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