The Terraso Launch Webinar is live!

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In case you missed it, we had our public launch of Terraso on May 11th followed by a Terraso Launch Webinar on May 25th. The webinar featured an overview of the Terraso software platform, live demonstrations, and gave attendees a chance to hear from three Terraso users from Ecuador, Guyana, and Kenya regarding their projects, their challenges, and how they are using Terraso.We invite you to watch or rewatch the webinar and to reach out to us if you have any questions or wish to schedule a 1:1 or team training on Terraso. The webinar is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and French.


  • Amaya Webster

    Amaya is a tech-for-good geek with more than a decade of experience. Prior to joining Tech Matters, Amaya worked at Benetech creating software-for-good as the project manager for their R&D initiative, and the community and marketing manager for their work on digital accessibility of STEM educational materials. Amaya believes that there is little more rewarding than doing work which creates positive, sustainable impact. With degrees in anthropology, biology, and art, a career in tech may not have been the obvious choice, but she has found that her eclectic background lends itself particularly well to the tech-for-good field—especially when it comes to user-centric product design, research, and creative approaches to problem solving and strategy design.

The Terraso Launch Webinar is live!
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