Terraso’s Story Maps Just Got More Collaborative 

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People doing the critical work of sustaining and regenerating their land and ecosystems want to be able to tell stories about their challenges and successes. Since the beginning of this project, our co-design partners have been clear that maps are one of the best ways to convey a narrative about a place. They’ve also made it clear that the best stories arrive from the effort of teams of people, each contributing content, edits, or guidance to jointly create a story.  

Today, we’ve made it easier to build a story map with your collaborators. The author of a story map can now share draft with colleagues to provide feedback, add content, and edit before a story goes live.   

This update makes it easier for teams to collaborate on an important narrative, or for multiple members of a community to add their voice to a story. Start collaborating on a story map today.


  • Derek Caelin

    Derek Caelin is the Product Manager for Terraso at Tech Matters. Derek is a technologist who has spent years training activists and civil society organizations in developing countries and conflict zones on how to use digital tools to communicate, mobilize, and organize. Derek is particularly focused on creating, researching, and sharing open source technology so that all people can benefit from free, collectively produced software. His writings on community-maintained software, games for social impact, privacy, and the effect of tech platforms on society, have been published in Foreign Policy and OneZero. Connect with him on Mastodon

Terraso’s Story Maps Just Got More Collaborative 
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