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A digital platform supporting locally-led landscape collaborations

Mobile-first tools to drive results

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Integrated Landscape Management model
Integrated Landscape Management

Terraso will provide software technology to help people around the world achieve economic and ecological sustainability in their communities.

Over the next decade, Terraso will develop an open source technology platform to help local community leaders practice Integrated Landscape Management (ILM). Terraso will provide these leaders with powerful sustainability tools to advance multi-stakeholder partnerships, build a shared understanding of the challenges and features of a landscape, plan for action, and measure their success. In this decade, Terraso will help deliver on the promise of 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People.

Terraso has joined with a dozen co-design partners in landscapes across Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, and the Pacific to develop the core features of the platform. Over the coming months we will work with these partners to prototype, test, and refine a variety of different tools for practicing ILM.

Who is Terraso for?

Local landscape leaders

  • Nurture partnership within your community
  • Define a shared vision for a sustainable future
  • Develop specific projects to instigate change
  • Find funding to achieve your goals
  • Measure your progress and refine your approach

Landscape supporters

  • Connect with other public, private, and civic organizations which are working in landscapes
  • Discover partners and tools to facilitate your sustainable development goals
  • Increase your leverage and efficiency in field projects
  • Share your knowledge and expertise
  • Structure and deliver financing to projects
  • Ease project reporting

Technology creators

  • Broaden your audience to create a greener and more sustainable world
  • Leverage well-defined APIs to access related data and services
  • Collaborate with like-minded developers on best practices
  • Support community-led action
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Our Landscapes

Map of the world with pins indicating where the co-design partners are located.

Our Values

Terraso is co-designed with landscape leaders around the world, and built from the ground up with their values in mind.

Terraso respects that landscape data belongs to landscapes, not outsiders.

Terraso is a durable digital good ÔÇô organized and managed to last a lifetime.

Terraso supports community needs: mobile first, localized, and functional offline.

Terraso is open source, now and forever.

Core Partners

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