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Providing the tools you need to build the landscape you want

Terraso is designed to support the efforts of local landscape leaders, conservationists, and environmental NGO members by providing a collection of open source applications and services to help landscapes get the knowledge, tools, and funding they need to regenerate the world they want.

What is Terraso

Terraso is a set of software applications and services that provides the resources needed to successfully plan, fund, and communicate work and goals that benefit people and the planet. It is an open source technology platform that helps local leaders practice Integrated Landscape Management (ILM). Terraso provides these leaders with tools to advance multi-stakeholder partnerships, build a shared understanding of the challenges and features of a landscape, plan for action, and measure their success.

How it works

Terraso delivers information and software tools addressing the main challenges landscape actors face around data management, land visualization, communicating their impact, and capacity enhancement.

Who Terraso is for

Angie Almendrales Hernández

International Trade Professional, ANEI


Paola Tobar

Geographer, ALDEA


Nelson Muiru

CEO, Kijabe environmental volunteers


Terraso is designed for people involved in conservation efforts, regenerative agriculture, land and community restoration, and working to help a landscape thrive in an environmentally and economically sustainable way. Users of Terraso include:

  • Local landscape leaders
  • Conservationists
  • Environmental NGO members
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Small landholders
  • Farmer and ranchers

Wondering if Terraso is right for you? Watch our videos to learn more about how Terraso can be used.

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