Author : Derek Caelin

Technology Spotlight – Mapeo

We’re excited to start off this Technology Spotlight series with Mapeo, a tool built from the ground up in partnership with some of the most historically marginalized groups: indigenous communities in South America. Digital Democracy, the nonprofit organization who co-created Mapeo alongside communities, specifically targets underserved communities. They followed a particular process to develop Mapeo that we think is worth highlighting. 

Welcome to Terraso

Transitioning to a green, sustainable world is the challenge of our times. It is a challenge that requires bringing together representatives from smallholder farms, local governments, indigenous landholders, civil society, and businesses large and small. Local landscape leaders need tools to help them conserve and develop their land in a way that protects the environment and improves the quality of life of the people who depend on it. That’s why we’re building Terraso, a collection of open source applications and services to help landscapes get the knowledge, tools, and funding they need to regenerate the world they want.

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