Terraso Help Articles

Landscapes and Groups

What is the difference between a Landscape and a Group?

A landscape is a geographic space while a group serves to connect people with common interests and needs across the entire Terraso Platform. Landscapes are available for everyone to join, whereas groups can be more private.

What can a Landscape Manager do?

A Landscape Manager is able to update the landscape boundary data. They also have the power to manage the landscape profile info and landscape members.

Can I belong to more than one Landscape or Group?

Yes. You can join as many landscapes and groups as you like.


What is KoboToolbox?

KoboToolbox is a powerful, free, and open source data collection tool developed by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.


Who can access my data?

Data uploaded to Terraso can be viewed by other members of the landscape or group to which it has been uploaded. There are no restrictions on who can join a landscape. Groups can be made “closed” to limit access.

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