About the Terraso Toolkit


After creating a free account,  Terraso members can join or create a landscape, join or create interest groups, and access our collection of tools.


A Terraso Landscape is where data about the project and landscape partnership is stored. Members of a landscape have access to an overview of the project area and all the relevant data that has been collected and shared by members.


Groups allow Terraso members to connect within or outside of their landscapes. Groups are formed around common interests and allow users to share and exchange information.  Groups can be public, or restricted to approved members.

Terraso Tools

Data Collection

Terraso users can create and administer surveys to collect data both on and offline on the device of their choosing directly from their Terraso account using KoboToolbox. Terraso users can use that data to better understand their landscape, the challenges they face, and the impact their work is having.

Data Storage

Terraso users can store data about their landscapes and sustainable development goals.

Two phone screens and a laptop screen with sample data collection forms displayed.
The same survey form shown on multiple devices using KoboToolbox and Terraso
A map of Rocky Hill with small triangles on it representing data points.
Rocky Hill’s data map, built in Terraso.

Data Sharing

Terraso users can share data about their landscape with members of landscapes and groups they belong to. Users are able to upload and share files and links.


Terraso users can upload and share data files with latitude and longitude columns, quickly and easily creating a map of the project area. This leads to a shared understanding of the project elements and a way to ground any information being collected, stored, and shared in a real world visualization of the work.


Users can explore a how-to guide for creating videos with smartphones and access comprehensive tools for story mapping. These rich stories help Terraso users better communicate their needs and successes with potential funders, current donors, potential volunteers, their community, or even the world as a whole.

A screenshot of the title page of a story map. The story map is titled “The Mud that Makes Us, History and Vision.”
Guyana’s story map, created in Terraso
A screenshot of a learning module from the ILM capacity-building course. The module is titled “3.1. Shared Vision for a Thriving Landscape”.
The ILM capacity-building course.

Capacity Strengthening

Users of Terraso will soon have access to online learning modules with the addition of a learning management system. These classes are designed to increase knowledge and understanding of Integrated Landscape Management (ILM).

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