You can now embed Story Maps in your website or blog

the terraso logo set between two code brackets to indicate an embed process. there is a blue background

By popular request, we’ve made it possible to add the story map you’ve made with Terraso into your own website or blog.

To access this feature, simply go to a published Story Map you would like to spread further and click the “Share” button. Select the button that says “Copy Code”, and paste the resulting code anywhere you can insert HTML. You can use this code with your blog or website.

Here’s what the result will look like! Below is a story map from a recent journey our colleagues took in the Lari Landscape of Kenya. You can always choose to view it in Terraso and get the full experience.

We hope this update makes it easier for you to tell the story of your landscape with Terraso!


  • Derek Caelin

    Derek Caelin is the Product Manager for Terraso at Tech Matters. Derek is a technologist who has spent years training activists and civil society organizations in developing countries and conflict zones on how to use digital tools to communicate, mobilize, and organize. Derek is particularly focused on creating, researching, and sharing open source technology so that all people can benefit from free, collectively produced software. His writings on community-maintained software, games for social impact, privacy, and the effect of tech platforms on society, have been published in Foreign Policy and OneZero. Connect with him on Mastodon

You can now embed Story Maps in your website or blog

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